Best Public Nursing Spots (If You Want a Little Privacy)

To continue our posts for Breastfeeding Awareness Month. . . 

A friend of mine recently had her first baby and posted a status update on Facebook about nursing in the Anthropologie dressing room while shopping. Breastfeeding definitely gives new meaning to a quick shopping trip, as in be prepared to do it if you’ll be out longer than a couple of hours.

I breastfed my daughter for over a year, but it took me quite a while to become comfortable with nursing her out in the open using just a cover. Nursing was so painful for me at first that I often sat in tears while Olivia ate, and that wasn’t something I wanted to share with every shopper that walked by me in the mall. So I became adept at scouting out the most nursing-friendly stores, restrooms with lounge areas, and lactation rooms that afforded me a little bit of privacy. I also became an expert at nursing in the backseat of the car in a pinch!

I eventually worked my way up to claiming a bench outside Lord and Taylor as my favorite nursing spot at the mall, but until then, this was my go-to list of the best public nursing spots. Please leave a comment to add your favorite(s) if it’s not on the list so we can help some new mamas out!

Nordstrom (nursing room in the women’s restroom as well as a lounge area)
Baby Gap (nursing/dressing room)
BuyBuy Baby (Mother’s Room)
Babies R Us (Mother’s Room)
Lord and Taylor
Saks Fifth Avenue

Did you have a go-to nursing spot when you were breastfeeding, or do you currently? Leave a comment to share! 

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4 Responses to Best Public Nursing Spots (If You Want a Little Privacy)

  1. Mollie Rixmann says:

    At about 3-4 months Sam decided he was done with the nursing cover. I often used all of the places on your list for nursing while we were out and about! I also really liked the dressing rooms at Kohl’s. They’re super roomy with a nice long bench- great for my taller-than-average baby’s legs! I also got pretty good at nursing in the passenger’s seat in my car… I would pick a shady parking spot towards the back of the parking lot- great for privacy and fewer distractions for baby. I kept a small throw pillow in the car, which made the whole process even easier!

  2. Samantha K. says:

    I love that you mentioned Nordstrom’s. That is where I used to go all the time when I went shopping with my family. They have the best bathrooms for feeding. I think they planned them around feeding! haha

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