Comfortably Sexy Bralettes

I am by no means well-endowed, but during my pregnancy and after my daughter was born, I went from a B cup to (at my largest) a DD! I’m 5’2″ people, I’m surprised I didn’t topple over. During this time when my cup runneth over, I became used to wearing a comfy bra around the house, even to bed.

Now that I’m no longer nursing and I’m back down to my normal size, I need a comfy bra upgrade. I’m looking for something that says “casually sexy” instead of “I have liquid coming out of my boobs—touch them and you die.” Here are some sweet and sexy bralettes I’ve rounded up. I’m sure my husband would agree they are definitely an improvement upon what I have. You’re welcome, honey.

Hanky Panky, $37

Gap, $34.95

Honeydew, $30

Kimchi for Urban Outfitters, $24

b.tempt'd by Wacoal, $18

Cosabella, $53.50

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