Great Vintage Furniture Finds

I stumbled upon this amazing web site, Fabulous Finds, while searching for a vintage cabinet/future bathroom vanity (have I mentioned that we’re renovating our master bathroom, finishing our basement, and getting our roof replaced ALL AT ONCE? Oy).

Anyway, Sharon, the site owner, collects vintage and antique furniture pieces that she offers for fantastic prices. She’s based locally in the DC area and holds “open house” barn sales several times a year. You can also make an appointment to check out her stuff in person. A few of my favorites. . .

How great would that giraffe chair look with a bright, glossy coat of red or green paint?! I would snatch it up in a second if I had anywhere to actually use it. And that pale blue dresser would be adorable in a nursery!

If you’re in the market for some vintage pieces to round out your home, definitely pay this site a visit!

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One Response to Great Vintage Furniture Finds

  1. Hi Amber – Thanks so much for the plug! I was delighted to meet one of your followers, Gaylen, today who came out to see my little barn full of treasures. ~ Sharon