How to Give Yourself a Mani in About 10 Minutes—Including Drying Time!

I never have time to go get or give myself a manicure. So it wasn’t surprising that I cringed when I looked down at my hands while on our way to a wedding a couple of weeks ago. I knew I wouldn’t have time to do anything about my nails once we got to the hotel, so my only chance was to try and give myself a mani in the car. . . while going 75 mph down the interstate. Now before you freak out, no, I wasn’t the one driving. But still, I have a hard enough time painting my nails sitting on a completely stationary couch, let alone while hitting a pothole every few minutes.

We stopped at a Walgreens so I could pick up some polish, and I decided to give the Sally Hansen Color Quick Pen a shot. I had seen them before and was pretty skeptical about how well it would actually work. But I figured I would be far less likely to get polish all over the car if it was contained in a spill-proof tube instead of an open bottle. Much to my surprise, it worked really well!

All you have to do to get started is shake the pen and click the top a few times to get the polish going and then start painting.

Overall, I felt like I had more control over the brush, which is saying something considering I was in a moving car. Plus, the polish dried super fast. I don’t think I will use these pens all the time simply because the color selection is a little safe and limited, but if you need to polish in a pinch (or on the go), they are fabulous!

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