How to Hide a Security System

Having a security system helps me sleep at night—not because I live in a bad area (please, our crime awareness report consists of graffiti in the tot lot) but because I have an overactive imagination and I might be a little bit afraid of the dark. But what I didn’t love was the way the keypad console looked on the blank wall in the middle of my foyer. So I decided to build a gallery wall around the console to help disguise it. What do you think—did I succeed? I think it blends in pretty well!

I made the picture in the upper left corner using a canvas, some wooden letters and a can of spray paint—super easy and cheap. The picture directly under that one is just some framed wrapping paper from the dollar section at Target. I got the idea for the picture in the bottom right corner from YoungHouseLove (love, love, love their hallway gallery! this is my poor man’s version). I grabbed some card stock and a Sharpie and voilà! Instant art. The other three frames hold family pictures. All of the picture frames came from either Target or HomeGoods.  Next up will be painting the wall (I’d love a little more contrast with the white frames)—we aren’t big fans of the creamy yellow shade, but we just haven’t gotten around to painting this part of the house yet.

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