Kid-Proof Your iPad

Hope everyone had a lovely holiday and spent loads of time with family and friends. My little family traveled all over the state of Virginia visiting our nearest and dearest and even managed to squeeze in a night at Busch Gardens’ Christmas Town (totally worth it, if you’ve never been—we had a great time!).

This year, my husband and I decided to buy an iPad 2 as our gift to each other, which we did back before Thanksgiving. Our daughter has quickly taken to it and waits expectantly for us to pull it out when we plop her into the grocery cart so she can play with Grover. So when we opened this next Christmas present, I knew immediately that it was going on the blog for sheer brilliance alone.

The Gripcase for iPad 2 is designed to withstand even the most rambunctious toddler. Made of shock absorbent EVA foam (think the soles of your running shoes), the shape of the Gripcase protects your precious iPad no matter how it’s dropped (trust me, I already speak from experience). The handles on all four sides are easy for small little hands to hold onto and carry, which will no longer make you cringe or hold your breath. And at only $39.99, it’s definitely worth the investment!



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