Orange Ginger Chicken

I debated on whether or not to even post this “recipe” because it would mean I’d have to admit to you all that I sometimes feed my family entirely out of the microwave. But then I realized there’s no way I’m the only mom who has done this (and will continue to do it when we’re short on time). This meal goes from freezer to table in less than 10 minutes (seriously!) and makes enough for two adults and a toddler.

Orange Ginger Chicken and Rice

1 bag frozen stir fry veggies (I prefer the steam-in-the-bag kind because they’re so easy- for this, I used a mix of carrots, sugar snap peas, and baby corn)

1 bag microwavable brown rice, such as Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice® Whole Grain Brown Rice

1-2 cups diced grilled chicken strips, such as Tyson® Grilled and Ready Chicken Breast Strips

Bottled orange sauce (I use the Iron Chef Orange Sauce Glaze with Ginger, which I scored at TJ Maxx for $3)


Microwave the first three ingredients separately, according to their directions. Throw everything in a large bowl, add orange sauce to taste and stir to mix well. Done and Done.


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