Pint-Sized Sexy Costumes Give New Meaning to “Trick or Treat”

My future sister-in-law, Caity, recently posted a picture on Facebook that made my jaw drop—and then made me want to go take a shower. It was of a child’s Halloween costume she came across while out shopping. The costume was called “Naughty Wizard” on the packaging. Mind you, this was a child’s costume.

Yeah, kind of makes your skin crawl doesn’t it? As if the name itself isn’t bad enough, this costume looks eerily similar to the Naughty Wizard costumes you see in the “Sexy” section of all the costume websites. Sure, why not dress your 10-year-old like one of the drunk 20-somethings you see stumbling around the bars? What could possibly go wrong?

Are you freaking kidding me?!

I thought surely this was an anomaly. No way is there some dirty black market of sexy kiddie costumes. I was wrong. These costumes were all in the Girls section of a costume website—not even Teens or Tweens, but Girls (not that Teens or Tweens would have been much better) and come as small as size 6.

My first thought was OMG, are they wearing platforms?! My second thought was, I’m pretty sure I’ve worn one of these costumes before. . . when I was 22!! 

That last one is called “Red Hot Riding Hood.” Perfect for your average 5th grader, right? I think I was a bunch of grapes at that age, complete with purple balloons and a lime green ponytail.

I haven’t even told my husband about these because he’s freaking out enough about our daughter hitting puberty as it is. . . and it’s still many, many years away.

Let’s just hope Olivia’s really into ghosts or something so we can just cover her with a sheet!

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