Puddle Jumpers Aren’t Just Tiny Planes

Olivia is at that in-between stage where she’s too big for her baby pool float from last summer, but she’s not quite ready for arm floaties. Strangely enough, I’ve never really paid attention to what the other toddlers at the pool were sporting as far as flotation devices go. I guess I was too busy planning my revenge on the little twerps who always shoot me with water guns.

I went online to Google toddler floaties, and everyone was raving about these Puddle Jumpers. I had never heard of them before, but I was fairly certain they weren’t talking about little, rickety planes. Turns out, Puddle Jumpers are flotation foam belts that go around your child’s chest and each of their arms (think arm floaties on steroids). It also turns out they are on sale at Target right now for $15, so we took a little trip before heading to the pool.

This thing is awesome! It was a cinch to put on, stayed in place, and—most importantly—kept her afloat. We were even able to let go of her hands so she could kick and splash around for a minute on her own (which, incidentally, is freaking terrifying the first time you do it—even though you’re right there and you know she’ll be fine. . .holy heart palpitations).

And, of course, NOW I notice that half the toddlers at the pool were sporting Puddle Jumpers over their swimsuits.

How does your little one stay afloat at the pool?


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2 Responses to Puddle Jumpers Aren’t Just Tiny Planes

  1. Ruth says:

    Where can i buy these floating devices, please let me know. thanks.