Seeing Red (Pants, that is!)

I am not usually one to jump on the latest trend (mostly because I’m too cheap to spend a lot of money on something I’m only going to wear for one season), so I surprised even myself when I decided to jump on the red pants bandwagon. Unless you’ve been living in a hole, I’m sure you’ve noticed that everyone and their mother is buying, selling, and wearing this trend. Even my daughter has an adorable little pair of red flared sailor pants. So this weekend, I went out in search of the perfect pair of red pants.

First Stop:  Gap
The Broken-in straight khakis were exactly what I was looking for, but apparently so was everyone else. I searched 3 Gap stores and the Gap web site and couldn’t find any of these bad boys in my size (or even close to it) in red. Bummer.

Slim Cropped, $49.95

Modern boot, $59.95

Broken-in khakis, $49.95







Next Up:  Target

I bought these coral-colored jeans thinking I found a steal (nevermind the fact that they were from the juniors section). I played it safe and bought a couple sizes up from my usual.  While I managed to get them on, they nearly cut off the circulation to my legs, and I have what my dad calls “chicken legs.” RETURN.

Mossimo Skinny Jean, $22.99







Third Try:  JCPenney

These bright MNG by Mango skinny jeans looked great on the mannequin. Note to self: the mannequin didn’t push a baby through her hips. Next.

MNG Ella, $40







Stop #4:  Old Navy

The Rock Star skinny jean wasn’t as bright and springtimey as I was looking for, but it didn’t matter—it was all sold out anyway.

Rock Star, $19







Fifth Stop:  MNG by Mango

I figured if the ones at JCP didn’t fit, maybe I’d have better luck at the actual store. Super cute on the web site; not so much on me.

Cropped Skinny, $59.99







Last Attempt:  J.Crew

I saved the best (and most expensive) for last, probably because I knew I’d find the right pair and I was hoping I’d come across something just as good somewhere else for less. I was right. I loved both the Toothpick Jeans and the Bennett Chinos.

Bennett Chino, $79.50

Toothpick Jean, $125







And the winner is. . . the J. Crew Bennett Chino! Bring on spring! 

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