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Bubble Wrap Art

This is such a cute rainy/snowy day activity idea if you have little ones. I came across this on Pinterest earlier and immediately wanted to try it with my daughter (when she’s old enough to actually do this sort of thing). The original idea comes from The Honorable Mention Preschool Blog, hosted by Intello Kids®.

Just tape a sheet of bubble wrap down and let your kid loose with some washable paints. When their “artwork” is complete, press the painted side of the bubble wrap down onto a clean sheet of white paper or card stock, leaving a colorful imprint that is, at the very least, frig worthy!

Acorn Doughnuts

As I enjoyed a Chai Tea Latte from Starbucks on my walk this morning and felt the crisp air on my face, it hit me— it’s fall! I love fall. Aside from my birthday, my daughter’s birthday and my anniversary all taking place in the fall, I love the fall holidays, the smells, the sharp blue sky, the football. So when I came across this idea on Pinterest the other day, I jumped on it. What better way to kick off my favorite season than with these cute little acorn doughnuts?! The original recipe is from Disney’s FamilyFun Magazine and was recreated by graciousrain.com, and I think made better (hello, Nutella? on a doughnut?! DONE.).

Just take some doughnut holes and dip them a third of the way into Nutella before sprinkling with chocolate sprinkles or crushed toffee bits. Stick a pretzel stick in the top and, voilá, the cutest little acorn doughnuts you’ve ever seen!