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The Land of Nod Art Jar- Brilliant!

I love free stuff, and I love having wonderful coworkers who bring me well-loved toys from their kids to pass along to my daughter. So when my coworker, Christine, stopped by my desk yesterday to ask if I wanted anything from her box of goodies that her boys had outgrown, I pounced on this adorable art jar, which had never even been opened!

The I’m Not Bored Anymore Art Jar, Junior from The Land of Nod is just brilliant—all the arts and crafts supplies you need, along with instructions, to make several fun little projects. The Junior version is for ages 3+ (and it’s on sale right now for $14, bonus!), but there’s a regular version too for ages 6+. I absolutely love this concept, and I’m thinking it might be a fun idea to recreate for birthday gifts—you could create a personalized jar label for the birthday girl/boy, personalized instructions, and themed craft projects and supplies. The possibilities are endless!


Everything Butt Art

My 7-year-old cousin recently got this art book as a gift from her grandmother, and I found it too hilarious not to share. Everything Butt Art teaches step-by-step drawing where all of the pictures start with a butt shape—haha genius! I am all for anything that encourages the arts and creativity, and what kid doesn’t want an excuse to draw butts all day?!

With four different themed art books (each under $10) and two more on the way, as well as a free iPad app, Everything Butt Art has plenty to keep your little artist engaged (and probably giggling)!

Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

My friend Stephanie is probably one of the craftiest people I know (in a creative way, not a devious way!). She whipped up this adorable felt heart garland one weekend to decorate her cube at work and since the tops of our work spaces are glass and I sit directly across from her, I get to benefit from it as well.






It made me think what a fun activity this would be to do with the little one—when she’s a little older and can sit still for more than 28 seconds, of course! But if your little one(s) are static enough to tackle this project now, you can find the  tutorial here. Here are some other fun Valentine’s Day crafts I have pulled together to do with your kids.

Teach Mama, another DC blogger, had her children create a love tree, which is not only sweet but allows for lots of practice with fine motor skills. I love this idea and can’t wait to make one with my daughter when she’s a bit older!

Via TeachMama.com

For easy valentines, get paint color strips from your local hardware store in varying shades of red and pink, and use rubber stamps to spell out messages like “XOX” and “I♥U” in black ink. Honestly, I think this idea is more for my designer friends than for my daughter, but it was too cute not to include!

Via Country Living

For Valentine’s Day crafts that my one-year-old and I can do together now,  heart stamps seem to be the way to go. You just need some paint, paper and a little creativity.  Rust & Sunshine used a toilet paper roll to create a perfect heart stamp for her artsy toddler, and Homemade Serenity helped her kids get creative with a celery heart to make rosy valentines!

Via Homemade Serenity

Via Rust & Sunshine









Have you come across or done other fun Valentine’s Day craft projects with your kids? Please share—I would love some other ideas!

Aaannnnd We’re Back. . . With an Ornament

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. To say that things have been pretty nuts around here this week would be an understatement. My husband has  a sinus infection, my daughter is fighting a cold, and we had a death in the family, so we’ve been out of town for the past few days. But we are home now and back to blogging, so without further adieu. . .

One Christmas tradition we have started with our daughter is to give her a new ornament on Christmas Eve to add to the tree. This year, I thought we’d do a DIY ornament, since she’s so little, it’s not like she’s going to remember opening it anyway. I found a cute thumbprint reindeer ornament on Pinterest (from Little Bit Funky) and figured we’d give it a shot. It was surprisingly easy! I found the ornament itself at Michaels for $1.99. The paints were Martha Stewart Multi-Surface Satin Acrylic and were $1.99 each, also from Michaels. I decided to add my daughter’s name and the year to the ornament. It will be fun to one day look back and remember just how tiny her little fingers once were!


Bubble Wrap Art

This is such a cute rainy/snowy day activity idea if you have little ones. I came across this on Pinterest earlier and immediately wanted to try it with my daughter (when she’s old enough to actually do this sort of thing). The original idea comes from The Honorable Mention Preschool Blog, hosted by Intello Kids®.

Just tape a sheet of bubble wrap down and let your kid loose with some washable paints. When their “artwork” is complete, press the painted side of the bubble wrap down onto a clean sheet of white paper or card stock, leaving a colorful imprint that is, at the very least, frig worthy!