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Brighten Your Day with Old Navy’s Spring Line for Toddlers

It’s a soggy, dreary day here in the DC area, so how about some bright springtime duds to brighten the mood? I love Old Navy’s new spring line for toddlers, and I especially love that nearly everything is $20 or less. It may be close to freezing outside, but in my house, we’re in a breezy, 65° state of mind! Now, time to shop!

Toddler Boys' Cuffed Skinny Jeans, $19.94

Toddler Boys' Plaid Poplin Shirt, $14.94

Toddler Boys' Chevron-Stripe Windbreaker, $22

Toddler Girls' Scalloped-Trim Dolman Top, $16.94

Toddler Girls' Colored Skinny Jeans, $19.94

Toddler Girls' Babydoll Trench, $15

Comfortably Sexy Bralettes

I am by no means well-endowed, but during my pregnancy and after my daughter was born, I went from a B cup to (at my largest) a DD! I’m 5’2″ people, I’m surprised I didn’t topple over. During this time when my cup runneth over, I became used to wearing a comfy bra around the house, even to bed.

Now that I’m no longer nursing and I’m back down to my normal size, I need a comfy bra upgrade. I’m looking for something that says “casually sexy” instead of “I have liquid coming out of my boobs—touch them and you die.” Here are some sweet and sexy bralettes I’ve rounded up. I’m sure my husband would agree they are definitely an improvement upon what I have. You’re welcome, honey.

Hanky Panky, $37

Gap, $34.95

Honeydew, $30

Kimchi for Urban Outfitters, $24

b.tempt'd by Wacoal, $18

Cosabella, $53.50

Crazy Good Prices at Crazy 8!

The little one got some super cute (and much needed!) clothes for Christmas, and I discovered a great new store! Crazy 8 is owned by the same people as Gymboree and Janie and Jack but is a lot less expensive—think of it as the Old Navy in the Old Navy/GAP/Banana Republic family.

Everything in the store and on their web site is $11.99 and under! Everything. The clothes are really adorable and look nearly identical to what you would find at Gymboree, only for a fraction of the price. I had never heard of the store because we don’t have one at either of the two malls we frequent. There are, however, 220 stores nationwide, so chances are there’s one near you (I counted 8 stores in a 50 mile radius of Washington, D.C.). But never fear—if you spend over $50 online, shipping is free!

Happy shopping!!

For Future Gryffindors

I recently made this shirt for my daughter for Christmas and couldn’t resist making one for my friend’s little boy as well, since she’s a huge HP fan too. I used the Harry P font from dafont.com (a free download) and had the shirts printed at CafePress.com on the toddler t-shirts in pale yellow. With the reddish font color, the combo was the closest I could get to the Gryffindor house colors. The shirts came out to about $15 each, including shipping. We’re already making plans to hunt down a toddler-sized Hermione-esque wig and tiny round glasses so we can take their picture together! And if you didn’t already know how much of a nerd I am, well, there you have it.



Baby Geek Chic

When I’m not blogging, I have a day job as a marketing writer/editor. I spend a good chunk of my life knee deep in proofreader’s marks, style guides and grammar humor (yes, there is such a thing- check out The Oatmeal, hilarious!) So imagine my excitement when I happened upon these adorable geeky chic baby things on www.cafepress.com! I might have to get one of these for my own little grammar girl!




























Harajuku Mini for Target

Gwen Stefani debuted her Harajuku Mini for Target line on November 13, which includes dressy and casual looks for baby and toddler boys and girls and tween girls. Admittedly, I’m not the biggest fan of the Harajuku style. But after seeing the collection in person the other day, I’m sold! There were so many cute things I wanted to buy for the little one, I didn’t know where to start! I’ve managed to (somehow) narrow down my favorite looks below. If you’re also on the Harajuku Mini bandwagon, get thee to your nearest Target STAT—this line is only available in stores!

Mini Biker Hoodie, $20.00

Two-Piece Lion Set, $20.00

Girls' Plaid Ruffle Dress, $24.00


Plaid Jumper and Leggings, $19.00

To Infinity (Scarves) and Beyond!

Infinity scarves are everywhere this fall, and it’s no wonder why: they’re cozy and a no-brainer to tie. Just loop it around like a necklace for an instant, celeb-worthy look, which is especially great for me since I can never get my regular scarves to look like Jessica Alba’s (because, let’s face it, she’s the scarf-wearing queen). And with some of these prices below, you can even afford to get a few different styles!

La Fiorentina Hooded Scarf at Nordstrom, $28.00

Silence & Noise Abstract Paint scarf at Urban Outfitters, $32.00

Old Navy popcorn-knit scarf, $14.94

Mustard Cluster Floral Snood at Top Shop, $32.00

American Eagle stitched stripe scarf, $24.50

Old Navy sequined scarf, $16.94

Urban Outfitters printed scarf, $32.00

Snug as a Bug!

My daughter tends to flop around her crib all night like a fish out of water. So what to do when the temperature dips but blankets aren’t an option? Last winter, when she was just a wee one, we used the Cloud B Lullabag, which I highly recommend- it’s like a wearable, fluffy comforter. But now that she’s mobile and standing up, the Lullabag won’t work.

So my husband set out to find something that would keep her toasty warm while still allowing her to move around easily. Enter the Halo SleepSack Early Walker. Just like the original SleepSack for infants, it comes in cozy fleece, but this version has openings for little feet. I’m not going to lie,  my daughter looks a bit ridiculous in hers—they are like wearable Hammer pants—but hey, if it keeps her warm (i.e. asleep), it’s too legit (sorry, couldn’t resist!).

Big Baby Little Baby

My coworker, Dave, and a friend of his recently teamed up to start designing witty tees for tots and their parents. Dave’s daughter is only in the 7th percentile while his friend’s baby is off the charts, hence the name of their company: Big Baby Little Baby. They’re just starting out, but they already have some super cute t-shirts available online (and over 60 new designs in the queue- so plenty more to come!). You can check them out online at www.bigbabylittlebaby.com.

Super Snuggly Jammies

It’s starting to get chilly at night here in the DC area, which means it’s time to pull out the footsie pajamas. By far, my favorite jammies for my daughter are her Absorba Blanket Sleepers. They are the softest fleece jammies, no matter how many times they’ve been washed. This French brand is a bit on the expensive side ($24 for a blanket sleeper), but I’ve found them at TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Costco for under $10 a piece. They make both the footsie pajamas as well as the fleece gowns, which are great for newborns.

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