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Six Stylish Toddler Sandals

Last year, I found a pair of green sandals for Olivia on clearance for $4 at Target. She got so many compliments every time she wore them that it kind of became this inside joke with us. Who knew that the cheapest pair of shoes she owned would be the most popular?!

I went back this year to see if I could find the same ones in a larger size but no luck. So I set out to find ones that could compete with the mythical green sandals.

There are some seriously cute sandals out there for toddler girls this year! I’ve rounded up six of my favorites.

Embellished Flower Jelly Sandals at Gap, $16.95

Wakely Sandal at Stride Rite, $30

Flower Sandals at Gymboree, $32.95

Cherokee Jumper Sandal at Target, $14.99

Strappy Neon Sandals by Carters, $16

Navy Espadrilles by OshKosh B’gosh, $18

The Look for Less: Jenny Lind Bed

Before long, Olivia is going to be making the move to a big girl bed. I’ve been looking at our options, and I am absolutely in love with the Jenny Lind bed from The Land of Nod. It reminds me of my bed growing up, and it would look adorable with a colorful little quilt. The only problem? They’re freaking expensive! Call me crazy, but I’d prefer not to drop $550 on a kid’s bed.

So I set out to see if I could find a cheaper knock-off version, and you’ll never guess what store delivered … Walmart! And for $300 less than the nearly identical Land of Nod version! Granted, the Land of Nod beds come in fun colors, but it’s nothing an afternoon and a can of spray paint can’t achieve.

What do you think, pretty good right?!

Now to find a cute quilt!

50 Lessons I Want to Teach My Daughter

For my sweet Olivia …
1. Your thoughts matter. Your feelings matter. You matter. If someone tries to treat you otherwise, it’s time to walk away.
2. Don’t be beholden to technology. It’s great, it’s convenient, it’s fun, but it will also prevent you from actually living your life.
3. When you’re old enough, read the book The Help. It’s a powerful reminder that we are all human beings and we are all important.
4. You are beautiful exactly the way you are.
5. Sometimes, you just need to say you’re sorry.
6. Be honest … with other people and with yourself, but most of all with yourself.
7. If you want to dance, dance. If you want to play soccer, play soccer. If you want to take piano lessons, take piano lessons. Do what makes YOU happy and not what you think Dad or I expect you to do.
8. Remember the Golden Rule and treat others as you would like to be treated. It will never steer you wrong.
9. Don’t be a jerk when driving. You never know if the person you’re honking at and giving a rude hand gesture to is really someone you know. It’s embarrassing. Just don’t do it.
10. Read, read, read, read, read, and read some more.
11. There will be mean girls and there will be bullies. Make sure you are never one of them.
12. Think before you speak. You will never regret it. But I can promise you that there will be times when you will regret NOT doing this.
13. Daddy and I love you more fully and completely that you can ever imagine. Keep that with you always.
14. Be kind. Contrary to belief, words can hurt just as bad as sticks and stones … and sometimes those injuries last much longer.
15. If a boy doesn’t treat you the way Daddy does, he’s not worth your time.
16. You are smart. Do not ever be ashamed of that or try to make yourself less to make someone else feel like more.
17. Love is love is love—and everyone deserves the right to love whomever they choose.
18. Do not be ashamed of your low points. They give you the strength to climb to the high points.
19. Remember this quote by Thomas Jefferson: “In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock.” Know what you stand for.
20. If you don’t know what a word means, look it up.
21. When someone has to say “trust me,” you probably shouldn’t.
22. Diets do not work. Counting every last calorie is a lot of work and will make you obsessive. If you live a healthy life (eat plenty of fruits, veggies, whole grains), limit the sweets a little, and exercise, you will be the size and shape you are meant to be. And that is perfect.
23. Cooking can be so much fun, but please don’t do it just because you think you are supposed to (and especially not because someone else tells you it’s what you’re supposed to do).
24. “Woman” does not equal “weak.” You have more inner strength than you know. Just trust yourself.
25. It’s okay to cry. But if you are ever embarrassed about crying in public, stick out your bottom jaw. For some reason, it’s a lot harder to cry like that.
26. Don’t ever accept someone else’s expectations of you. You can be and do anything you want to, even if it seems unattainable and unrealistic to some people (even to me and Daddy).
27. I will make mistakes. I am still learning. Please forgive me.
28. There are truly amazing and kind people in this world. Do not let the media’s portrayal of society shake your faith in people.
29. At the same time, be cautious and follow your gut instinct—it is usually right.
30. Don’t ever be afraid to talk to me or to ask or tell me ANYTHING. Nothing you could say could make me love you any less. Chances are, I have been there, done that.
31. Talk to your grandparents and ask them about their lives. If you don’t, I promise there will come a time you will want to know and it will be too late to ask.
32. No matter how much sleep you get, you will have under eye circles. It’s genetic, sorry. Invest in a really good concealer.
33. While money will not make you happy, it can make life less stressful, so be careful and responsible with it.
34. Travel as much as you possibly can.
35. Be your own person. Trying to be someone else is just exhausting.
36. The fact that you can vote, work, speak out, and get an education is a gift, and it didn’t come without a price. Do not squander the opportunity your foremothers have fought for you to have.
37. If you ever need to escape for a while, read Harry Potter.
38. Listen to others. As much as your opinions matter, so do theirs.
39. If you ever feel overwhelmed, like life is going to suffocate you, make a to-do list. Just take things one task at a time. Chances are, you’ll realize things aren’t as daunting as they seemed.
40. If you have a math question, ask Dad.
41. You will make mistakes. Try not to beat yourself up over them; instead, learn from them.
42. There is absolutely nothing wrong with dreaming big.
43. It’s never a good idea to take pictures or video of anything you wouldn’t want to Dad or I to see. And please, for the love, do not send any inappropriate pictures/videos/messages to anyone. That stuff has a way of sticking around.
44. Family is the most important thing you have in this world.
45. If you want good friends, be one.
46. Good things come in small packages—remember that when you don’t make it over 5’3″.
47. Speak up and make yourself heard. Don’t wait for someone else to do it for you.
48. Be grateful for your life, your health, your family. Sadly, there are many people who have less than you; show them compassion.
49. Being pregnant is way more uncomfortable than anyone warns you it will be, but it is TOTALLY worth it.
50. Stand on your own two feet. Don’t expect anyone to do for you what you can do for yourself. But if you ever need help or just a shoulder to cry on, I will be there.

Pint-Sized Sexy Costumes Give New Meaning to “Trick or Treat”

My future sister-in-law, Caity, recently posted a picture on Facebook that made my jaw drop—and then made me want to go take a shower. It was of a child’s Halloween costume she came across while out shopping. The costume was called “Naughty Wizard” on the packaging. Mind you, this was a child’s costume.

Yeah, kind of makes your skin crawl doesn’t it? As if the name itself isn’t bad enough, this costume looks eerily similar to the Naughty Wizard costumes you see in the “Sexy” section of all the costume websites. Sure, why not dress your 10-year-old like one of the drunk 20-somethings you see stumbling around the bars? What could possibly go wrong?

Are you freaking kidding me?!

I thought surely this was an anomaly. No way is there some dirty black market of sexy kiddie costumes. I was wrong. These costumes were all in the Girls section of a costume website—not even Teens or Tweens, but Girls (not that Teens or Tweens would have been much better) and come as small as size 6.

My first thought was OMG, are they wearing platforms?! My second thought was, I’m pretty sure I’ve worn one of these costumes before. . . when I was 22!! 

That last one is called “Red Hot Riding Hood.” Perfect for your average 5th grader, right? I think I was a bunch of grapes at that age, complete with purple balloons and a lime green ponytail.

I haven’t even told my husband about these because he’s freaking out enough about our daughter hitting puberty as it is. . . and it’s still many, many years away.

Let’s just hope Olivia’s really into ghosts or something so we can just cover her with a sheet!

The New “Shops” at Target

I went to Target yesterday for the first time in a while and was surprised to see that they have adopted “shops” much in the way the new JCP has done. It must be the latest thing in retail. Target’s shops include The Webster (Miami), Privet House (Connecticut), Cos Bar (Aspen), Polka Dog Bakery (Boston), and The Candy Store (San Francisco).

The Candy Store’s collection of gourmet and nostalgic candy would make a cute and quick hostess gift for all those summer barbecues, and some of the Cos Bar nail polishes are bright and trendy but a little out there for me.

The real stars of the shops are Privet House and The Webster. The kitchen and housewares from Privet House are great. A few of my favorite pieces:

Warren Orchards Black Fig & Honey Candle, $15.99

Open Storage Box, $34.99

White Embossed Pitcher, $24.99

White Round Basket, $34.99














The Webster shop features men’s, women’s, and girls’ clothing, as well as shoes and accessories. I scored this great sheath dress, which doesn’t look like much on the hanger, but it fits really nicely:

Sheath Dress, $39.9

A few of my other Webster favorites:

Infant Girls' Swim Suit, $14.99

Dress, $42.99

Men's Button Up Shirt, $29.99

Cap Toe Flat, $29.99















The prices are a tad higher than you usually see at Target, but they are on par with some of the other designer partnerships Target has done in the past. In any case, it’s nice to see a little something different for a change!

Spring has Sprung with the Latest Trend. . .Floral!

I was looking online the other day for an Easter dress for Little O and noticed that floral seems to be everywhere, from tiny little blooms to large, colorful bouquets. I pinned a particularly cute one for my daughter on Pinterest and within a couple of hours, it had been repinned about 15 times. So apparently, it’s a popular trend!

I’ve curated some of the best floral fashions for your little girly girl, so go ahead—get shopping!

Gap, $24.95

Children's Place, $22.46

Gap, $34.95

Janie and Jack, $21.99

Mini Boden, $36.00

Pumpkin Patch, $39.75

United Colors of Benetton, $24.00

Gymboree, $24.49

Gap, $39.95

Pumpkin Patch,k $22.75


Scarlett’s Ballerina Birthday Bash

My friend, Desi, is so creative and talented—she even has her own accessories boutique on Etsy, Scarlett and Co. (see? super creative!). So it was no surprise when she whipped up this adorable, ballerina-themed birthday party for her daughter’s first birthday like it was just another day’s work.

Desi handmade the invitations and did nearly all of the decor herself, with styling help from our friend Brooke of Granger & Wit and from her mom (check out that handmade tulle tablecloth!). She purchased the hanging poms from Sweet and Savvy Designs and the old-fashioned pink and white striped paper straws from Dime Store Buddy.

The tutu cupcakes and sweet, pink smash cake were made by her mother-in-law, as were the ballet slipper chocolate pops. Desi and her mother-in-law worked together on the ballerina cookies, and I love the clever sign next to the basket, “Please take one {not tutu}.” So cute!

The birthday girl changed from her Janie and Jack pink tulle party dress into a custom onesie from Orchid Avenue to enjoy her birthday cake.

Well done on the party, Des! Everything looked absolutely perfect!

DVF for GapKids!

Diane von Furstenberg has partnered with GapKids to design a collection for girls that will debut in stores and online on March 15th! The patterns and pieces are so adorable, classic DVF with a playful twist—I only wish they were for mamas too!

To catch a sneak peek of the collection, go here and click on “Get a Sneak Peek Now!” Even though I’m not entirely sure what it has to do with the clothes, I love the line in the video, “. . .to empower a little girl is to empower the woman she will become.” Looks like I will be  empowering my little one at GapKids in mid-March!

Ruffles, Ruffles Everywhere!

We just booked our vacation for this summer, so I’m in a beachy state of mind! I’ve noticed that baby bathing suits are already popping up everywhere (yes, even as the snow falls), and ruffles are a big trend this year. One of the best things about having a little girl is getting to dress her in stuff like this—so stinkin’ cute! Check out some of my favs:

Gap, $24.95

Carters, $16.80

Gymboree, $24.95

Gap, $24.95

Carters, $16.80

Janie & Jack, $42

Kate Mack, $52

Ralph Lauren, $39.50

Shake Your Bon Bon (Dress)!

How classic and adorable is this dress by Princess Linens?! I ordered one for my daughter’s first birthday and had her name embroidered on the front. Not only will it make for some great pictures, but it will definitely be a keepsake outfit. The dresses come in different colors in either corduroy or cotton pique. And they even have little jumpers for boys. Love it!