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How to Hide a Security System

Having a security system helps me sleep at night—not because I live in a bad area (please, our crime awareness report consists of graffiti in the tot lot) but because I have an overactive imagination and I might be a little bit afraid of the dark. But what I didn’t love was the way the keypad console looked on the blank wall in the middle of my foyer. So I decided to build a gallery wall around the console to help disguise it. What do you think—did I succeed? I think it blends in pretty well!

I made the picture in the upper left corner using a canvas, some wooden letters and a can of spray paint—super easy and cheap. The picture directly under that one is just some framed wrapping paper from the dollar section at Target. I got the idea for the picture in the bottom right corner from YoungHouseLove (love, love, love their hallway gallery! this is my poor man’s version). I grabbed some card stock and a Sharpie and voilà! Instant art. The other three frames hold family pictures. All of the picture frames came from either Target or HomeGoods.  Next up will be painting the wall (I’d love a little more contrast with the white frames)—we aren’t big fans of the creamy yellow shade, but we just haven’t gotten around to painting this part of the house yet.

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This Little Piggy. . .

I saw this little guy at West Elm and, despite the fact that I already have an iPod dock, I was so tempted to take him wee wee wee all the way home! How cute!

Ceramic Pig Speaker, West Elm $49.00

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You Are My Sunshine. . .

LOVE LOVE LOVE this print from The Wheatfield by Katie Daisy shop on Etsy. And the best part? It’s only $22!! I sing this song to my little one all the time, and this would look too cute in her room. The shop also features adorable state prints, but alas, there’s no VA one yet. So I shall wait and stalk until it’s added. In the meantime. . . time to shop!

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Vintage Nursery Rhyme Nursery

When I found out I was having a baby girl, I knew one thing for certain—I didn’t want insects in her nursery. So much of the crib bedding and decor for baby girls is butterflies and ladybugs, and I wanted something a little different and unique. I spent ages looking for just the right bedding to serve as the starting point for the rest of the design. The search might not have taken as long as it did, but I flat out refused to pay $500 for baby bedding. I finally decided on the “Over the Moon Toile” from Carousel Designs. Hands down, they had the cutest bedding for the best prices. The fabric set the tone for a vintage nursery rhyme-themed room that turned out even better than I could have imagined.














I accented the room with personal touches: my baby shoes hanging from a hook, a children’s literature book that has been passed down through 5 generations of daughters in my family, my silver initialed baby cup, a framed poem that my dad wrote for Olivia (just like my grandfather did for me) and plenty of pictures.

























The ruffled curtains came from Land of Nod, and the swivel recliner is from the Storytime Series by Best Chairs and is probably the most comfortable chair I have ever sat in. That’s a good thing because, between the heartburn at the end of my pregnancy and dealing with a newborn who was more comfortable sleeping at an angle, I spent more than a few nights sleeping in that chair.










The artwork on the wall are actually pages from a book of vintage National Book Week posters that my dad matted and framed for me. I found the sweet, glazed ceramic bookends at Storybookceramics.com. The lamp was a steal from HomeGoods (and had a great, vintage-looking quality to it), as was the piggy bank on which I painted my daughter’s name.


















The Perfect Pantry

I was watching The Nate Berkus Show the other day, and his “House Proud” segment featured this house in Raleigh, North Carolina with seriously THE most amazingly organized walk-in pantry I have ever seen! I mean, how beautiful is this?!

Courtesy thenateshow.com

Ok, you may not consider it “beautiful,” but to a hyper-organized person such as myself, this is downright gorgeous. For the boxes, the homeowner used simple boxes from Ikea and spray painted them with chalkboard paint in order to label the drawers. I especially love how she has labeled the simple glass jars using chalkboard contact paper, found here. You can read about the entire pantry makeover on the homeowner’s blog, here.

Happy Anniversary!

. . . to me (and my husband)! In honor of our anniversary today, I thought I would post about some cute anniversary art I found recently. I absolutely love this anniversary date print by blessedannouncements on Etsy. It’s so simple and understated, not to mention affordable at only $7!

I also love the idea of making my own anniversary art to mark the occasion using some wooden letters, a canvas and some spray paint. This is such a versatile idea because you can do everything from a quote to a child’s name in a variety of colors. I actually picked up all the supplies at Michael’s today and plan to make something similar to this for our front hallway.

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Baby Proof in Style

When my daughter started crawling, my husband and I whipped ourselves into a baby proofing frenzy. Outlets were covered, gates were installed, cabinets were locked, our tv was mounted to the wall, and furniture was moved. We made the decision to move our coffee table upstairs to the guest room rather than use bumpers (I had heard stories of dark wood furniture being ruined by the bumper adhesive and wasn’t about to take that risk on my beloved Crate and Barrel coffee table!). So we were left with a large open space in our living room- great for our baby, not so great for us in terms of places to set drinks and prop up our feet. I noticed that several of my friends had ottomans in their living rooms, so we decided to pick up a couple.

The tops of these little gems offer a padded side to prop your feet or sit on, as well as a hard side that can be used as a little table. But the best part? They offer lots of storage for blocks, balls, books and all the other stuff that gets strewn across our floor. You can find this style of ottoman everywhere from Target to Pottery Barn, with prices ranging from around $20 to well over $200. We found ours at Bed, Bath & Beyond. At $30 a piece, it was the best deal we found on the faux leather style (which we wanted for its wipe-ability). And it’s an even better deal if you happen to have 2 of those 20% off coupons they send out and you and your husband happen to go through separate lines to get the savings on both.

You can also find these ottomans in a larger, more coffee table-esque size if you have the space. With their soft, rounded edges and hidden storage, they are a baby proofing no brainer.