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Meatless Meal: Grilled Veggie Sandwiches

Our box of produce from Washington’s Green Grocer landed on our doorstep yesterday, and I couldn’t wait to dive into the organic, earthy goodness. Our haul included zucchini, sweet potatoes, kale, tomatoes, butter lettuce, carrots, and tons more, plus a huge baguette of Cuban-style sourdough that I added to our order.

My friend Dori introduced me to WGG last year, and I love getting fruits and veggies from them. They source local produce as much as possible, but they also import produce so we can get our banana fix without having to take a separate trip to the store. {Just try denying my little one her “nana” when she looks at you with her puppy dog eyes. Impossible!} If there’s something in the week’s box that we aren’t particularly fond of, we can swap it out for something else. If we don’t need a new box of veggies one week, we don’t have to get one—and we only pay for the boxes we schedule. Basically, it’s the perfect arrangement for my family!

So between our fresh bread, veggies from the box and stuff I already had on hand, we decided to make grilled veggie sandwiches with goat cheese and vinaigrette and grilled sweet potatoes on the side. We aren’t vegetarians, but we like to have at least a few meatless meals a week to encourage healthy eating and introduce our daughter to plenty of the good stuff. As picky as that child can be, she ate every bite of her veggies for dinner and kept asking for “Mo Mo!” You’d probably want more too if your dinner was this good!