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When I was pregnant, nearly all of my maternity clothes came from Gap and Target. This was mostly because, other than maybe Old NavyMotherhood, and A Pea in the Pod, there was nowhere else to go. Don’t get me wrong, I thought Gap and Target had really cute, inexpensive maternity clothes, but there’s only so much variety when you can count the stores you can shop in on one hand. Of course, now that I’m no longer pregnant, so many more stores are launching maternity lines. So, for all my pregnant mama and mama-to-be friends, here are a few more shops you can check out to dress the bump!

Loft Maternity  Just like the regular store, Loft’s maternity line offers great options for the office that are classic and versatile.

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Forever 21’s Love 21 Maternity It probably feels a little weird shopping for maternity clothes here, surrounded by 13-year-olds, but they do have good inexpensive basics. There are a few items online, but you’ll need to find a participating store to get the most out of this maternity line.

H&M H&M’s Mama line is a good bet for cute jeans and tees. Several stores, including the Tysons Corner store for those in the DC area, have a pretty good selection.

There are also a few online deals sites that have great maternity selections, including. . .

Zulilly This site is mostly known for their great deals on things for the little ones, but they nearly always throw in a few deals for moms and moms-to-be as well.

Totsy Similar to Zulilly, this site offers daily deals on maternity brands in addition to their other deals.

Know of any other great places to find cute maternity clothes? 

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