Teething Pad

It started out as just a couple of little white flecks. We would pick them off of her cheeks and nose in the mornings, but we couldn’t figure out what was all over our daughter’s face and hands. And then it became all too clear- painfully clear if you happened to be her crib. Our daughter had already gotten her bottom two teeth, so we figured we had this teething thing under control. We were wrong. So wrong. Apparently, it’s the top teeth that cause the most damage- and her beautiful white crib rail was her first victim. It didn’t take long for the innocent white flecks to turn into deep, brown teeth notches all along the top rail of the crib. On the bright side, we’ll be able to use the little jar of touch-up paint the manufacturer sent with the furniture!

If only I had thought to make a teething pad before it was too late. Only, I had no clue what that even was until about 5 hours ago. (Insert best Homer Simpson “Doh!” here) So this is my PSA for the day: if your baby hasn’t gotten his top teeth yet, do yourself a favor and follow this tutorial┬áto make your very own crib rail cover. Your little one’s crib will thank you.

Via diddledumpling.blogspot.com

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