The Best and Worst “Spill Proof” Straw Cups

There is nothing more annoying than a “spill proof” cup that does not live up to its promise. We have no less than eight different brands/types of straw cups in our kitchen drawer at the moment, and maybe two of those are actually spill proof. So today I’m going to spill the beans (pun totally intended) on the best and worst straw cups.

The Best

The Tommee Tippee Explora Truly Spill Proof Straw Cup is, by far, our favorite! It does come with more pieces than some of the other straw cups, but it never leaks. The straw mechanism is easy enough for Olivia to open and close it on her own. True, they are a bit more expensive than some of the other straw cups, but you get what you pay for—trust me. And if you move quick, Toys R’ Us has them on sale for $4.78 a 2-pack!

Tommee Tippee Explora Straw Cup


The Worst

Our least favorite of all the straw cups is the Playtex Insulator Straw Cup. Spill proof? BAH HA HA HA. Clearly they didn’t have any actual children test this cup out when they slapped that claim on the packaging. Not only is it not spill proof, but it spews forth milk and whatever else is left in the straw like a freaking volcano. Even if you close the top straw part, it leaks liquid all down the sides. And I have heard this same complaint from several mama friends whose kids have the same cup. Pass!

Playtex Insulator Straw Cup

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2 Responses to The Best and Worst “Spill Proof” Straw Cups

  1. Ashley says:

    Have you found that there is a trick to the tommee tippee straw cup?? We just bought some and cannot get the liquid to come out of the straw in any of the 4 cups we bought!

    • mommachine says:

      Make sure that the little rubber piece goes through the hole on the hard white plastic piece when you put it together. We didn’t put it together correctly once, and it didn’t work until we fixed that. Every time we haven’t been able to get anything out of it, it’s been because the little rubber piece wasn’t through the hole. (I hope this makes sense!)