The Great Double Stroller Debate

Mr. Mom Machine and I have been going back and forth over the past several months trying to decide whether or not we should purchase a double stroller. Our daughter will be three years old when #2 makes her appearance, and she doesn’t use her stroller as much as she used to. That being said, there are some key times when she does use it: at Busch Gardens, when she’s tired of walking at the mall, at our county festival, etc.

I’m not going to lie—one of the main reasons I have been considering buying a double stroller is because I’m flippin’ terrified of being on my own with two kids and not having a way to wrangle my three year old into some semblance of submission. But since double strollers don’t come cheap, I decided to do my research and lean on more experienced moms of 2+ for some guidance. I definitely don’t want to drop several hundred dollars on a stroller that we never end up using.

So I did what any unsure mom does: I took to Facebook. Luckily, my friends rose to the occasion with tons of great advice!

Danielle S.: “Love the double jogger!! For times when that set-up isn’t ideal, we just use two separate strollers. Didn’t get any other type of double.”

Amber J: “I had a double stroller. it was a life saver! There’s nothing worse than trying to hold a toddlers hand and control them while pushing an infant or having to carry a toddler while pushing an infant. It comes with experience though. It does get a little tricky trying to maneuver around department store aisles and stuff.”

Marci E.: “I would suggest waiting until baby arrives and see how using a carrier works first (if you don’t mind wearing baby). You may find that Olivia grows out of using the stroller by the time you are ready to use it.”

Tracey S.: “I resisted the double until after baby was born, and then went with the Sit and Stand Joovy Ultralight (bought on Craigslist). I am happy with that choice for shopping, outings, etc. We already had a bike trailer that converts to a stroller so that’s what I use when I run/walk with both- I’d love to have a double jogger but couldn’t justify the price.”

Shannon M.: “Depends on the double and what you do with your kiddos! I had a double umbrella and found it useless! I got a used Sit and Stand for the first year (Craigslist) and it was awesome for those 12 months, but definitely not worth buying new. I’ve loved my double In-Step jogger because the seats are really roomy and its useful for a lot of things (when I travel alone, running, etc) so I think that was worth the money new.”

Katie H.: “Mine were all 24 mos or less apart so yes I do [think it’s worth having a double stroller]. Phil and Teds are awesome if you don’t think you will need a double all the time or for very long.”

Charity F.: “I never bought one and only regretted once in almost two years! I bought the Ergo baby carrier and carried one and pushed one in the stroller. We’ve been to Disney twice and just take two nice umbrella type strollers. To me the double strollers were to big and bulky to be worth it. Good luck!”


In the end, we decided to try the Baby Jogger glider (which we found for around $65 on Amazon and fits right on the back of our current City Mini). If, when the time comes, we find ourselves smacking ourselves for not getting the double stroller … well, we’re only about 15 minutes from our nearest Buy Buy Baby.


What about you, did you use a double stroller? Do you regret your choice?

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  1. Edna Berger says:

    I just bought a new double baby stroller and I love it.