What’s for {Christmas} dinner?

This is my first year hosting Christmas, and I am feeling the (purely self-imposed) pressure to make it perfect. I’ve been thinking about Christmas dinner and what I will serve for about two months now, trying to figure out how I’ll get it all made and when. After a lot of rough drafts, I have narrowed down my ideas to arrive at my final menu. . . TA DA!

*Yes, I’m totally going to print this out and have it at each place setting. I did all the work to create it after all!

And now for the real magic. . . I only really have to worry about making TWO of these dishes on the day (and one of those can be made ahead of time if I really want to)! So not only will my Christmas feast be delicious, I will actually get to ENJOY it.

The festive ┬ácocktail, which is really a sangria made with champagne, can be made the day before- all the better to let the flavors really meld together. The fig and goat cheese angels are my take on the Cooking Light recipe for Apricot-Blue Cheese Angels from the November 2012 issue. Considering these are a puff pastry, I’m going to make them the day of for the best result. I’ll make the fresh cranberry bruschetta (a mash up of several different recipes) a day or two ahead to help cut the tartness of the cranberries.

I decided to go with ham for dinner since I can buy one completely cooked and ready from the grocery store. BOOM. Done. The stuffing recipe belongs to my friend Dori. Her mom makes this every year, and when she blogged about it a few weeks ago, I was sold. Plus, she said you can make it ahead of time and freeze it if you want to. I think I’ll make it the day of only because I’ll have the time. For my brussels, I drizzle them with olive oil and sprinkle them with salt and pepper before popping them into the oven at 400┬░ for 30-40 minutes. Easiest thing ever. I’m even going easy for my rolls and getting Parkerhouse rolls or just buying some from the bakery.

The real genius of this meal is the dessert. Seriously, how amazing does it sound?! It’s even more amazing when you find out it’s made in the crock pot! My friend Brooke made this for New Year’s Eve last year, and I couldn’t get enough. She used this recipe as a base but, instead of following the cooking instructions, she just threw everything in a crock pot and let it do all the work. Brilliant!

So there you have it, my Christmas menu. What are YOU making for the holidays this year?

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